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New Summer Drawing Workshop

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The Ashland Academy of Art is pleased to announce that it is moving to Maui.

With a new name and a new location, Atelier Maui will bring superior classical European instruction in painting and drawing to a lush tropical paradise.

Maui North Shore has been a worldwide destination for artists and free spirits for decades. With its ideal climate and rich natural beauty, the island has been ranked time and again by travel experts as the “Best Island in the World.”

Atelier Maui will now hold classes against the backdrop of this unspoiled physical setting. Only minutes from the beach of Maui’s beautiful North Shore, situated on two and a half acres of thriving tropical forest, the Atelier’s new property is the perfect retreat for any artist. Giant palm, banana and avocado trees, birds of paradise, and other exotic forms of life, provide the setting for our state of the art facilities. The studios are designed to provide to students with the best natural lighting. Large windows and skylights with northern exposure make it the ideal setup for artists.

Atelier Maui is committed to providing each student with personal studio space and a rigorous curriculum. Class size is limited to twelve students and admission is subject to interview. Classes are held five days a week and include both studio work and studies en plein air in the sublime surroundings of the Hawaiian landscape. Studio exercises include extensive work from the model, as well as studies of classical sculptures and still life’s. The curriculum also ensures ample time for personally tailored instruction and individual critique.

Classes at Atelier Maui will begin in October, 2010. Classes will continue to be held in Ashland prior to this date. The academic year is divided into four quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Each quarter runs 10-12 weeks. Tuition is $9500 per year or $2900 per semester, model fees not included. Housing on the premises is limited.

Atelier Maui offers a unique opportunity for the uncompromising pursuit of art and the appreciation of beauty. Our small international community of students and faculty enjoys the perfect ambiance for collaboration with those who share a passion for excellence in art. We believe in inspiration and the cultivation of talent and skill nestled in the awesome beauty of nature herself. Aspiring artists encounter the explosion of colors, forms and textures, and the overwhelming effect of this place on the senses. The fragrance of tropical flowers, the echoes of exotic birdsongs, the luminosity of the natural color palette, the ocean in its vast expanse against the golden sand of perfect beaches, towering mountains, even the honey-dipped air itself mixed with the gentle unrelenting breeze from the sea—all of this makes up the incomparable experience of Atelier Maui.

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